Waterslides and Adventures in Hurst, Texas!

Tall waterslides, crystal clear pools, and endless thrills delight tourists and locals, alike, in Hurst, TX. In this idyllic Texas town, you can take a trip down myriad thrilling waterslides before splashing into refreshing swimming pools. If you want to take adventures on foot and in the water in Hurst, this vacation guide can provide benefits along the way.


Buses travel around Hurst regularly, and they’re great for short trips to nearby attractions and restaurants. If you want to take adventures, you’ll need your own transportation because the process of making plans around local bus schedules can be a hassle.

When picking a rental car, one overlooked thing to consider is the upholstery. Leather isn’t the best upholstery option if you’re going to visit water parks each day since it doesn’t provide great air circulation and can pick up water damage. Cloth is a great upholstery material as it absorbs water well and dries out; conversely, it’s not as nice as buttery leather.

Hotels in Hurst, TX

Hyatt Place Fort Worth/Hurst has convenient features that will simplify your adventures. For example, whenever you use a rental car to explore the city, you can park it in the hotel’s free parking area at the end of the day. If you are a Hyatt member you can enjoy a free breakfast before your full day of activities.

You can also get a free breakfast while staying at the Holiday Inn Express. The hotel features free Wi-Fi, nice rooms, and a convenient location from which to take in all Hurst has to offer.

NRH2O Water Park Details

NRH2O has regular tickets and season passes. There are many packages available for guests, with good prices for each option. It’s pretty affordable, with the highest ticket price at $24.99 and the cheapest ticket option at $15.99. Plus, kids who are two years old and under can access the park for free.

Throughout the park, you’ll find a variety of slides that provide different thrills. Slides that are designed for young kids are practical, so each trip down to the pool is slow and calm. The most exciting slides are tall, and their tubes are long and fast. These are decidedly not for the kiddies.

When you need a meal or a snack at NRH2O, you can order different items on the grounds. All of the shops and restaurants specialize in specific foods, so you’ll have opportunities to try

  • Grilled sandwiches
  • Hamburgers
  • Hot dogs
  • Nachos
  • Pizza

Water Park Strategies

Some slides have slippery surfaces that can make kids trip and fall. To prevent injuries in these areas, give everyone a pair of slip-resistant sandals or shoes.

At NRH20, food vendors are everywhere, so kids will have opportunities to buy snacks around the clock. When your kids have a snack or lunch, ensure that they wait at least an hour before jumping into a swimming pool.

Pack plenty of swimwear items for the trip so that you’ll have different options for various days. If you can’t fit a lot of swimwear in a suitcase, bring at least two outfits, and wash them regularly at a laundry mat.