Planning for a trip to Scotland for just three days? Bad option. You can look at the most greenest and the touristy spot right here in India which will make you forget chasing the other spots which would provide you with the lesser amount of fun. Of all the hill stations in India , Ooty is the most travelled destination in South India and is the best alternative if you are looking for a weekend getaway. It offers more than just touristy things which make this place unique and wonderful. It has hills that are showered with greenery, the beautiful lakes flowing through the city and the never endless lines of trees surrounded on all sides . Here are the things that you must visit if you made up your mind to view this amazing part of South India.

  • Take the toy train

The train ride through the dope mountains gives you a feeling of absolute refreshment. Your journey on the Nilgiri Toy Train will be approximately around five hours , providing you with ample of time to have a closer look at the places that surrounds Nilgiri Mountain Railway . It is the most famous spot in Ooty which attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world experiencing this amazing mountain railway.

2)The beauty of botanical gardens

If you are fascinated by nature , this place is for you. The diversity of flora     present inside the botanical garden is something that you would be amazed to see. Those nature lovers are fond of this beautiful place where flowers blossom and one cannot stop gazing at them in surprise and excitement. If you are a fan of Bollywood, there are chances that you must have seen this once. Do not forget to carry your camera to capture these beauties and happy flowers.

3)Restaurants and cafes for the foodies

Eat till your stomach says ‘No’ . Nahar restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Ooty famous for South Indian food. Ooty is one of the best places to be in, if you love food. Do not worry if you are a vegetarian , you would love to taste the different vegetarian cuisines available in Ooty that will surely make your mouth watering and you are  going to remember each one of it when you lead back home.

4) Catherine Waterfall

One can never get tired of seeing the waterfall. Catherine Waterfall is situated in the Blue hills, which is a double stream waterfall. People often love to spend their time looking at it from the hilltop surrounded by greenery and variety of plants. It is one of the most attractive tourist spot in Ooty.

5) Shooting point

If you are a  fan of watching movies , then you must not take your eyes away from this place . You could capture the amazing beauty of nature and sit their silently while clicking your pictures. You will surely love it as everything is so quiet and serene here making you go crazy over the place. It’s often called as ‘Shooting point’ because many films have been shot here, as it provides the perfect scenery view behind.

6) Trekking for the adventurous people

Ooty is famous for its trekking. You cannot surely go back home without experiencing this thriller. The amazing adventure of trekking is held in all seasons as there is no specific time period for it. You can lose yourself in the awesomeness of trekking leaving the world behind.

Ooty is said to be a must watch place of South India. If you are a mountain lover, leave behind all the places of North as nothing can be compared to the experience which you can have in Ooty. There are many accommodations available here near mountains in Ooty. The diversity of Ooty makes it famous and worth visiting. It’s a perfect place for a weekend getaway to experience a whole lot of bundles of joy with your family.