The Benefits of Door-to-Door Luggage Service When Traveling

Traveling can be exciting, fun, but can also be very stressful. To lower the stress of traveling, considering using a door-to-door travel service company. This term may also be known as Travel / Luggage Packing & Shipping – Luggage Forward. The benefits of convenience and cost-efficient of using this service will make your travel a happier and stress-less experience.


Summer is around the corner and family vacation trips are being planned nation-wide, the task of hauling all the family luggage to the car, to the airport, and to the hotel or destination seems daunting. In the United States last year alone, over $3 billion was spent on checking in luggage. Door-to-door luggage services were created to help avoid this aspect of traveling to provide customers stress-free and hassle-free travel experiences.

Convenience is a given benefit of using a door-to-door luggage service. The convenience of avoiding checking luggage at the airport, preventing paying bag fees and avoiding long airport lines and waiting at the baggage carousel. Some large items, like surfboards and other odd shaped items, may not be accepted as check-in items at the airport, but door-to-door services provide this service. Some travel services provide the convenience of scheduling pick-up from the comfort of your home or a designated location in an app from your phone and provide the convenience of tracking your luggage from your phone as well.


Travel services offer similar total cost to families who plan to check-in more than two bags, oversized, and heavy luggage. Discounts, insurance, and on-time guaranteed options are added perks that some travel service companies offer. Another cost-efficient benefit is avoiding the added cost of tipping at the airport and at the hotel.

An estimated one-way cost for domestic shipment for a standard size of 25 pounds luggage from Los Angeles to New York can start from $80. An average cost of shipping a standard size 25 pounds luggage from Los Angeles to Canada starts from $120. While international one-way shipping cost for a standard size 25 pounds luggage from Los Angeles to Europe can start from $150 and from Los Angeles to Asia can start from $165. An All-inclusive round-trip price option are also offered by some companies and may be more cost-effective.

The needs of an individual traveler and families are very different, and many may wonder why not just use a traditional shipping company like UPS or Fed Ex? Travel service companies accommodates travelers and ships to specific destinations where you are traveling that traditional shipping companies do not or cannot ship or deliver. Door-to-door luggage services is very convenient for those who are planning on a golf trip, a cruise or long international flights.

Door-to-door travel service may appear as a purely luxury service to some, but to others it is a necessity. Traveling with only a purse or wallet, arriving at the airport closer to the time of take-off and arriving at my destination with my luggage already there waiting for me is priceless.