7 Ways to Find Airline Coupons and Coupon Codes

Seeking cheaper accommodation and saving on purchases are not the only ways of saving money on travel. You can save on your airfare to retain some extra bucks in your pockets. Airlines offer coupons and coupon codes to make flights more affordable and consequently lure customers into making them their favorite choice.

Additionally, the airlines want customers to book with their official websites rather than through third-party sites. Well, booking discounted flights is only a matter of knowing how and where to find airline coupons and coupon codes. Here are 7 practical ways to find the codes

1  Scour Coupon Sites

Coupon sites are the most accessible places to find airline coupon codes. The sites compile and display updated coupon offers from different airlines. You can access the coupon codes by searching “your favorite airline + coupon codes” on the web whose results will reveal sites harboring coupon codes for your favorite airline. Most of the times you will be able to find coupon codes for first-class flights, such as Korean Airlines coupons for these destinations.

2  Subscribe To Airline Newsletter

Have a favorite airline? If so, it’s time to embark on a journey of obtaining considerable discounts by subscribing …

Holy Places to Visit in Delhi

If you are tired of work at Lucknow and you are in the mood for a vacation, what better place than the capital city of India. Before you book your Lucknow to Delhi flights Online, let us explore some of the exciting holy places you can visit in Delhi.

1. Lotus Temple

One of the most beautiful landmarks in Delhi, the Lotus Temple is very famous all over the world. It was designed based on a 27 petal lotus. Made out of lovely white marble, the Lotus Temple was originally built as a house of worship for the people of the Bahá’í faith. Having said that, the Lotus Temple is open to the people of all religions. It is a symbol of religious tolerance which is the philosophy of the people of the Bahá’í faith. When you approach this structure of white, you will find beautiful gardens that are always maintained well. You can enter the temple after a small briefing where you will be asked to turn off your cell phones and that you should maintain silence. People are allowed to stay inside the temple for as long as they want. It has a very peaceful and serene …

Prepare yourself in the best way to rock your first ever RV road trip

An RV is a great way of traveling across the country roads with your family and friends to explore the natural outdoors while maintaining the flexibility and freedom of traveling on your own terms. If you’re a beginner, there is a good amount of research that you need to do before RVing to some great locations. As an example, with a car,  you have an option to buy or finance. However, with an RV, renting is often the only affordable option that will fit into your travel budget.

If you seem intrigued by the idea of going for an RV rental for your next family vacation, you might wish to ask the RV drivers for some first-hand advice or check out some videos and tutorials online. Before embarking on your RV trip for the first time, you would definitely need to ensure that the RV is secure, safe and has successfully passed all tests. Here are few tips to follow to make sure you are ready for your first ever RV road trip

  • Go for a shorter road trip than a bigger one

You may either call this a rehearsal or a practice drive but the first trip should be …

A Brief History Of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

On the bank of the great river Mississippi, there is a beautiful city bright with its historic and cultural luster, named Baton Rouge. Because it is French, on the first look, this name looks a bit odd. Baton Rouge literally means red pole in French language. We will come back to the rationale behind this naming later. So, this Baton Rouge is the capital city of the state Louisiana, USA and is the second largest city after New Orleans covering 79.11 square miles of land with an elevation of 56 ft from the sea level. Baton Rouge has mild winters, hot and humid summers, moderate to heavy rainfall, and the possibility of damaging winds and tornadoes. Close proximity of the Mexican gulf exposes it to occasional devastating hurricanes.

It has been evident that humans have been living in the area of Baton Rouge from 8000 BC. But it had got its name in 1699 when the French explorer Sieur d’Iberville guided his team to this territory of the river Mississippi. The explorers found a red pole marking two native hunting grounds and named their new discovery after this. It was not until 1721 when Baton Rouge was officially founded and …