Cabin Fever Setting in Already?

When you think of a fun thing to do this weekend does the word chaos come to mind? I am spontaneous and the word predictable almost never applies to me. Being a big fan of water and having an adventurous spirit; I went searching for an activity to do just that. I should also include that being a native Minnesotan, neither of these items are very attractive this time of year in the frigid North.

To my delight I did not have to go very far to experience both after a simple little search. Just a hop, skip and a jump to Eau Claire, WI where number 15 of the 22 attractions in this quaint little city, is a water park like chaos water park eau claire. Wisconsin has the largest number of indoor water parks in one state. Nestled between the many affordable hotels, parks, and museums; these indoor water parksare great places for the kids to blow off some steam and adults to relax. These parksoftenboast a lazy river, many play areas and a number of water slides.

These water parks have been recently renovated and often include adult friendly hot tubs, pizza and snack bar with tables and a new bucket fill amusement. Recent reviews reference families coming back multiple times per year (especially in the cold months). Water parks are a favorite for our family as we can all participate in pool games and amusements. One review identifies basketball hoops and balls in one of the pools and that is my son’s favorite sport at home. This park has many staff walking the entire area to ensure safety and maximum enjoyment of their facility.

All reviews since the renovation elaborate what a wonderful experience, they had visiting the park. I also found another childish delight in the local fun center with go-cart rides, trampolines and other kid friendly diversions. This destination has something for everyone in our family.
Having decided my destination, I looked intoaccommodations and found that this is an outstanding time of year to visit. I found a plethora of weekend deals under $100 a night for a family of three and decided to include our grandparents. Check for weekend deals for 4-adults and 1-child in the Off-season. At this point you may be wondering why did I include the grandparents?

During my trip planning I noticed that Eau Claire also has a couple of local wineries and fine-dining restaurants. Thinking that this would be a great opportunity for my husband and I to spend some alone time and enjoy the local wine and cuisine. The hectic holidays are soon upon us and with all the hustle and bustle we will not have much time alone until the New Year. Keeping my eye on the word chaos for the theme of this trip, our grandparents can enjoy the children themed museums while my husband and I visit the wineries and art galleries. I have booked the first weekend in December for our get-away and we are all excited for our trip to Eau Claire, Wisconsin!