A Brief History Of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

On the bank of the great river Mississippi, there is a beautiful city bright with its historic and cultural luster, named Baton Rouge. Because it is French, on the first look, this name looks a bit odd. Baton Rouge literally means red pole in French language. We will come back to the rationale behind this naming later. So, this Baton Rouge is the capital city of the state Louisiana, USA and is the second largest city after New Orleans covering 79.11 square miles of land with an elevation of 56 ft from the sea level. Baton Rouge has mild winters, hot and humid summers, moderate to heavy rainfall, and the possibility of damaging winds and tornadoes. Close proximity of the Mexican gulf exposes it to occasional devastating hurricanes.

It has been evident that humans have been living in the area of Baton Rouge from 8000 BC. But it had got its name in 1699 when the French explorer Sieur d’Iberville guided his team to this territory of the river Mississippi. The explorers found a red pole marking two native hunting grounds and named their new discovery after this. It was not until 1721 when Baton Rouge was officially founded and even later in 1849 it became the capital of the Louisiana.

Baton Rouge has long waves and mixtures of history and manifold cultures. It experienced first the French colonial rule from 1699 to 1763. After that the British defeated the French and captured all the French land in America except New Orleans to begin the new era of British rule over the Baton Rouge from 1763 to 1779. When the British were done ruling, the Spanish colony came into play and ruled until it was 1810. Baton Rouge bears many other historical witnesses including the end of barbarous slavery, American civil war, civil rights era and many more until the present time. As a consequence, Baton Rouge is notable for diverse and interesting culture and customs.

Baton Rouge is known for producing notable sports athletes in the USA considering that nine current NFL players, five MLB players and five NBA players from here. Seimone Augustus, Brendon Bass, Odell Beckham, Billy Cannon to name a few from the long list. The famous Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge is an important point of interest in the city. From time to time, this city has produced many revered and important individuals nationally and internationally in the whole gamut of multifarious fields including entertainment, politics, military and many others. Author Mark Twain adored Baton Rouge, but not the Old State Capitol, which he called a “whitewashed castle, with turrets and things.”

As education is the backbone of a nation, Baton Rouge keeping the nation upright by housing many prestigious educational institutions. Some of them worth mentioning are Louisiana State University, Southern University and Baton Rouge Magnet High School.

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