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50 Finest Vacation Spots & Places To Go To On The Planet

Almost a hundred years ago, news of essentially the most outstanding archaeological discovery had the world in its thrall. On 26 November 1922, British Egyptologist Howard Carter took the chisel his grandmother had purchased him for his 17th birthday and chipped open the door to the hidden Tomb of Tutankhamun, gifting the world probably the most important and best-preserved pharaonic tomb ever to be discovered within the Valley of the Kings. Almost 100 years before that, Jean-François Champollion announced his breakthrough in deciphering the mysterious Rosetta Stone, cementing the foundations of our modern understanding of historic Egyptian hieroglyphs. Once perhaps best identified for pillaging and philanthropy – thanks, by disparate turns, to its Viking history and lofty Nobel Peace Center – Oslo has spent the past twenty years carving out its niche as a city that’s demonstrably dedicated to a greener future.

Travel Destinations

School of Vision – an energetic commune and …

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