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Travel Insurance

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An EHIC/GHIC ought to be seen as an additional to travel insurance, not a alternative. Travel insurance covers a far higher vary of scenarios, as nicely as provides cowl for cancellation, possessions, delays, repatriation, private liability, and extra. Plus, even utilizing an EHIC/GHIC you might need to pay, and travel insurance will cover that (and usually using the EHIC/GHIC means you do not pay the excess).

  • Medical expenses coverage is low at $150,000 in comparison with different top plans but might be adequate for you.
  • We offer an assortment of travel insurance coverage for quite a lot of travel needs.
  • Always verify theForeign and Commonwealth Office websitefor the entry rules of the countries you are visiting nicely before travelling and provides your self plenty of time to get your paperwork so as.
  • If you need to make a medical claim – and it is not an emergency – get your
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