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Reasons For Labor Certification.

Several foreign nationals who may want to be sponsored by their employers for green card in America should begin the process of acquiring a labor certification from the Department of labor. It is the starting point for green card process. Labor certification is open for workers in the America. Labor certification process is normally done by the employer and not a foreign beneficiary.

Though outsourcing to a foreign country has become a common method to reduce costs, businesses can also hire laborers from a foreign country to come to America to do specific tasks.This may be because foreign employees may have special skills or training, or because there are not enough workers in the U.S to perform the job. Besides, it is the responsibility of the employer to petition for foreign labor certification for the new worker for them to come to America.

People who wish to go to America are required to apply to the United States Citizenship and Immigration services for them to get to the U.S. Besides, people who apply to work in the United States must make application to many different government agencies to ensure that their employment is legal well as legal permission to enter the United States. This can make foreign labor certification process to be complicated and confusing.

To begin with, the employer who wants to hire a foreign worker to come to the U.S is responsible for applying to the Department of Labor for labor certification. The Department of labor must consider the number of jobs in America before hiring a foreign worker to ensure that there are jobs still available for workers in the United States.The employer is required to prove that workers in the United States are not qualified or are not willing to perform the task for the prevailing wage, hence requiring a foreign worker.

After a labor certification is issued to the employer, the employer must assist the potential worker to apply for an immigration visa.You may not always get an immigration visa just by having a labor certification because there are broad range of requirements to be looked at by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services such as Character, legal standing among others. After the foreign laborer gets an immigration visa, he must get an immigration number from the U.S Department of State.It is only after this that they can work in America.

For an employer who would like to have a foreign employee to work in America, it is vital for you to follow all the petition steps correctly so that you can get full permission to bring the foreign worker to the US.

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