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Making House Maintenance Work Easy

The idea of having to do household maintenance chores is not the most popular. While they are important, they are not the most sought-after duties. These Duties are the most mundane. The The consequence is creation of emergency due to neglect. You can relieve yourself of the boredom by assigning different duties for different times of the year. When you give each month specific duties, they become more palatable. This systematic approach may not solve all the problems at once but is a guaranteed way of getting it all done.

We rarely venture outside in January. Since you will mostly be indoors, you can focus on dusting and vacuuming the whole house. You will have enough motivation to clean all the surfaces.

February has a bit better outdoor experience. This is the time to clear out the yard. It is still cold enough to warrant careful clothing choices. In March Spring is alive and well. Your garden will require your attention. You can tend to it by preparing the beds and planting the flower you wish to see blossomed by Summer. There is a wide selection of such flowers.
In April, there is a likelihood of rainfall. This is the time to check for leaks on the roof. The insulation can also be attended to while you are there. Make the necessary plans to have those repaired.

May is a good month to have your air conditioning servicing company visit you. Do this now, so that your Summer will be bearable. June comes with such nice warm weather. This is the best time to check on the masonry of your home. If you spot any gaps, have them filled accordingly.

Summer in July brings with it a lot of pests. Ensure you are protected from their effects by inspecting all enclosed areas of your house. August is the month to revisit your garden and prepare the plants for the coming cold season. Cold-sensitive plants especially need insulation from the harsh weather.

As leaves fall in September, you will need to have them raked on a daily basis. They should be burned or disposed of properly. The month of October makes the arrangements to inspect your heating systems inevitable. The radiators are a critical area for the inspection. It is important to insect the lint trap of your dryer in the month of November. You need to do this so that it does not become a fire problem.

December is the perfect month to check all electric wiring and other fittings for any damage. The holiday season is normally not complete without the lights decorating your house, so this is an important step. A task a month gets the whole maintenance duty completed.

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