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Bridge Street Ski Haus: Things to Prepare and Consider Before Skiing and Snowboarding

Are you having problems thinking of the important things you need to prepare before hitting the slopes? Don’t worry because we will share with you the important information you’ll need whether you are new to skiing and snowboarding, or you just basically need a refresher before arriving. Whether you are planning to buy or rent your gear, it is important to anticipate unexpected swings of temperature and weather changes including thin socks, hat, gloves, neck-gator, goggles/eye protection, helmet, ski or snowboard boots, ski and poles or snowboard, and warm layers such as moisture-wicking long-sleeved shirt, layer of fleece or wool, thermal underwear, and water-resistant and wind-resistant parka and snow/ski pants.

It is also a good idea bringing your smartphones, sun protection (SPF 30 sunscreen) lotion and lip balm, hand and foot warmers, and snacks for your day on the mountain. Bringing your smartphone is beneficial so you can take selfie photos, and you have a good access to trail maps, webcams, snow conditions, and your skiing stats while you are on the mountain. Boost your energy by grabbing some trial mix, dried fruit, protein bars, and other pocket-sized noshes for you to sustain your endurance on the slopes. It pays off renting your ski equipment and gear than waiting for long queues in the actual venue for skiing and snowboarding. The ski equipment and gear rentals you need to consider include ski or snowboard poles, helmet, and boots. Before you even plan to hit the mountain, it is important to visit ski rentals in Vail so you can get your ski and snowboarding gear and equipment fitted. There are ski and snowboard rental Vail shops are available also online for you to be able to make a reservation one week or more in advance.

As opposed to buying your skis, there is a wide range of benefits in ski rentals including the convenience, free professional advice, opportunity to test new equipment, and wide variety of offers. There is great convenience renting ski equipment because you just need to pick it up from ski rental shops in resort. The good thing about renting ski and snowboard rentals is that you can a free professional advice about the best equipment for you based on your physique, skiing level, weather conditions, and your budget. If you are looking for quality ski and snowboard rental Vail shop, allow us to help you out, by visiting our website or homepage now! Vail has many ski and snowboard rental shops around and many of them have been in the industry for many years now, ensuring that you get to experience a fun and exciting skiing and snowboarding adventure!

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