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How Branding Design is Affected by Color Psychology

In order to brand your company well, choice of color matters a lot. It is necessary to study the psychology of various colors when planning the business. Engaging a branding expert may also be helpful in order to design your company according to the color psychology.It is important to choose your colors wisely so as to give a positive impact to your business. The following are the 5 ways in which color psychology will affect your branding design.

There are various meanings for different colors. However, some colors have more than one meaning.An example is color green which is associated with the natural world, but in the business world it depicts money. Red represents passion and is also associated with anger.With many colors having numerous meanings, it is advisable that you consider carefully the message that you want to convey to your clients. After that, you may now choose the right color and use it.

Competition is an important factor to consider when engaging in any business activity. In matters of design, check what your competitors have accomplished so that you can design yours differently.Always ensure that you create a website and logo design that are unique from the competitors’. Additionally, choose different colors from your competitors.

Though colors can convey a message to clients, how you place them matters. You should put together two colors that complement each other.An example is when you choose to design your brand using the white color, you may find it necessary to put it on a background that is dull in order to make it look brighter and more saturated.By doing so, your customers will understand your message and it will influence their opinion towards your products and services accordingly. A visit to ODA Creative will give you an experience of great works from various branding experts.

In addition to this, your business’ conversion rates can be boosted by colors.An example of this is when a company changes the “Get Started Now” button to red from green, the conversions were boosted by 21%. The reason behind this is that red is very conspicuous compared to the rest. It is very easy to notice the red color because it’s conspicuous.It is, therefore, able to boost conversion rates at a higher rate just because of the color psychology in people.

On the other hand, colors are able to provide consistency in your brand.For example, if your company deals with foodstuffs, you should select colors such as white to show hygiene and green for nature. Such colors will be communicating to the customers.

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