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Unique Unity Ceremony Ideas that Stick to Every Couple’s Heart

Many people love weddings. The idea of giving and receiving a sacred promise is no equal. Include the applause, the gifts and wishes of the attendees, as well as the superb wedding venue concept – the whole idea would be epic. Nonetheless, you may have observed that a lot the unity ceremonies are somehow the same. Your brother or sister applied it; your best friend used it. The ideas get to become worn out and you like something distinct, most probably exceptional. You need something that would stick in your heart. Something that can be used as a reminder or rekindler of joy and passion in marriage.

Unity Ceremony Idea No. 1 – The Sands of Time

Many people like beach weddings. Most individuals who are decided to opt for this may be had a happy and unforgettable experience on the beach. Possibly, the man and woman’s “forever” began at a particular beach or merely the couple loves the feel of the beach. Thus, colored Unity Sand can be a concept that can be done in a unity ceremony. What’s great about this idea is that the beach is not going to be the limiting factor to perform the unity ceremony. It can be executed in a chapel, event venue, or at any place. Each participant of the ceremony would only need to have colored sands. One by one they will pour the colored sand into a new container for the couple to keep for all the years of their marriage. The meaning of the concept is pretty obvious. The colored sands symbolize the experiences that the couple would share in their marriage. Additionally, the colored sands stand for joining of two persons which would be extremely hard to reverse.

Planting in the Unity Ceremony

Marriage can be the beginning of a new life for the couple. This new phase can be compared to a new plant that demands to be nurtured so it will grow. Hence, planting can be a very amazing unity ceremony idea for it represents marriages that need to be watered with love in order to survive – just like a plant that would grow and produce flowers when taken care properly. It can be successfully done when a participant would bring or be given soil in a pot. A plant must be provided in a different pot as well. The soils are then added to the pot where the plant is positioned and the participants will pour water to it.

Unity Ceremony Idea No. 3 – For Better or For Worse Tea

Another way of showing unity of a man and a woman is mixing different types of teas. Those who are involved in the ceremony must be given with teas of various types and these must be added together into one teapot for the newlyweds to have a sip. Basically, it symbolizes that the couple is going to drink or share together all experiences in their marriage.