How To Make A Good But Healthy Cake

Surely the need for a delicious and healthy cake is the primary consideration of a person before making a cake or eating a cake that is not only delicious but also healthy. It may depend on the considerations of each individual so that each has his own criteria for healthy cookies. Some feel compelled to reduce sugar consumption by avoiding cakes with large amounts of sugar or replacing regular sugar with low-calorie sugar. There is also a feeling of having to reduce the use of margarine, or cake ingredients or cake dyes. You can visit “cake recipe without oven” to find more delicious recipe cookies which are easy to cook

In my opinion, all you have to do is avoid or reduce the use of dyes and chemicals for cookies because if your tongue or throat is sensitive it can often sense traces of odd and uncomfortable taste of the use of food and chemical dyes, for example, essences, synthetic developer materials, synthetic dyes, synthetic preservatives and so forth.

Because to make the cake expand can still use another way that is by shaking the eggs good and true. But there are some recipes that are rather difficult to avoid the developer because the soft, light and smooth textures that usually exist in certain types of cakes can only be perfected by using certain food additives such as baking soda, baking powder, emulsifier, and others.

Here’s a recipe and how to cook a cake that you can make a consideration for you before cooking the cake.

For the development of the cake naturally can still be tricked by the method of shake and stir the right. The important thing is to know how to whisk the eggs and stir the correct dough so that the cake can keep expanding without additional ingredients. How to beat eggs in order to develop the cake, is as follows:

Beat eggs and sugar with the highest speed mixer to inflate and stiffen. The benchmark is that when the mixer is turned off and lifted from inside the dough, the dough is stuck on the mixer’s spin and does not flow, when the mixer is lifted, the ends of the dough look taper, and also when the dough falls will appear to accumulate to form a trail that is not immediately lost and flat. After reaching this stage, stop shaking the dough. If not, the frothing part of the dough and the top liquid will separate, so the cake is difficult to inflate properly.

After the eggs and sugar are shaken until thick and stiff, the next step is to mix the flour and other ingredients.

Use a large spatula try to size the palm of the hand to stir the dough. If difficult to get it you can use a large size spoon the size of palms.

Stir in a circular motion up to the base, the spatula facing upwards. This minimizes the detached air in the dough, so the cake without synthetic ingredients develops perfectly when baked in an oven or steamed without an oven.

In addition to avoiding food additives that aim to improve the structure and texture, I also avoid the use of food coloring. Food coloring, especially from reputable brands or brands that already have a license, is actually still quite safe for consumption. But this is indeed an individual choice only.

For sugar, preferably using regular sugar or coconut sugar or a mixture of both rather than having to use artificial sweeteners. My main reason, because the sweetness I think left a bitter taste after eating it that would be very disturbing. So it’s better to keep using natural sugars.

The benefit of cooking your own cake is that we know exactly what ingredients are put into the cake we make, so we can manage what we want to consume and what we avoid. While reading the recipes, we can look through each of the mentioned materials and slowly to begin learning about the benefits and side effects of using them.