Holy Places to Visit in Delhi

If you are tired of work at Lucknow and you are in the mood for a vacation, what better place than the capital city of India. Before you book your Lucknow to Delhi flights Online, let us explore some of the exciting holy places you can visit in Delhi.

1. Lotus Temple

One of the most beautiful landmarks in Delhi, the Lotus Temple is very famous all over the world. It was designed based on a 27 petal lotus. Made out of lovely white marble, the Lotus Temple was originally built as a house of worship for the people of the Bahá’í faith. Having said that, the Lotus Temple is open to the people of all religions. It is a symbol of religious tolerance which is the philosophy of the people of the Bahá’í faith. When you approach this structure of white, you will find beautiful gardens that are always maintained well. You can enter the temple after a small briefing where you will be asked to turn off your cell phones and that you should maintain silence. People are allowed to stay inside the temple for as long as they want. It has a very peaceful and serene atmosphere that just charms your heart.

2. ISKCON Hare Krishna Temple

If you take a 15mins walk from the Lotus Temple, you will find the majestic ISKON Hare Krishna Temple. it is one of the largest and most amazing temples that have ever been built by ISKON (the International Society for Krishna Consciousness). It was a society that was founded in the United States. It is responsible for a huge religious movement in India that is felt all across the country. When you enter this spectacular temple, you can walk around the entire expanse of space as you wish. You can follow the nice stroll by seating yourself in the sacred sanctuary. You can hear a melodic drum beat the keeps resounding and the rhythmic chant of ‘Hare Krishna’ that will fill you with positive vibrations.

3. Jama Masjid

The Jama Masjid was built in the Mughal era in the Chawri Bazar. It is located very close to the ChandniChowk. It is the largest mosque in all of Delhi and was constructed along with many other famous sites in the city. The enormous structure was erected in the 17th century. It has many entrances, all of which lead to the primary deck that is used for worship. There are several extremely tall minarets and some onion shaped domes in the Jama Masjid. More than 25,000 people can be accommodated at a single time on the upper flood on the building. There are lovely restaurants around Jama Masjid also like the famous Karim’s.

4. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

The Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is one of the friendliest places you can ever visit. No one will ever ask you for anything like donations or money. The only thing that is expected is for you to remove your footwear before you enter the holy place. It is a very beautiful place to spend time in.

When you are planning your Lucknow to Delhi flights, make sure to visit these lovely places!