Best Vacation Destinations Around The Globe

So you have found that you have some time off of work and or school and you are ready to pack up your bags and travel. You decided that before just packing up and heading to the airport that you would look up some nice vacation spots before just leaving and that is a great idea and a great place to start when planning your vacation! You never know what to expect when you are going on vacation, even if you have been to the same place a thousand times something is always different. This is why it is always best to look up specific destinations and read about the attractions before you go so you have a general idea of what you are about to walk into. But you have no idea where you want to start your vacation, that is what I’m here to help with.

One popular answer when asked where you should go on vacation is Hawaii. The islands of Hawaii attract millions of tourists every year with their beautiful blue oceans and interesting history and lifestyle, you will always have something to keep you busy. And it also makes a nice spot for any romantic getaways. So, if you and your love want to escape for a few days or a week or two, this is one of the best spots to do that.

If you are looking for more excitement and a lot less down time, popular cities across America like New York or Las Angles are some pretty good locations. You can visit one of the biggest Build-A-Bear stores in New York City, or you can visit the famous stars on Hollywood. These are two cities that don’t really know what sleep is so if you are looking to be up and moving for most of your vacation, you should check these two out. You will also be sure to meet a lot of interesting people and experience all types of different foods.

Miami beach is also a popular tourist destination. It’s one of the most known beaches on the East coast, it has a lot of different attractions to keep you entertained outside of the beach. But one of the main reasons everyone travels to Florida in the first place is for Disney and Universal. So if you have kids, or if you want to channel your inner child, you can stop in Florida an have some fun.

If you are going on vacation for a nice relaxing, site seeing journey, you can try flying out of the country and heading to London. England is a very relaxed place with a lot to see and a lot to learn and even more stuff to try. If your vacation is for experiencing things you have never gotten the chance to do before and you want to see some historical landmarks, London is a very nice place to pick. Wherever you decide to go just make sure to enjoy it and take everything in.