7 Ways to Find Airline Coupons and Coupon Codes

Seeking cheaper accommodation and saving on purchases are not the only ways of saving money on travel. You can save on your airfare to retain some extra bucks in your pockets. Airlines offer coupons and coupon codes to make flights more affordable and consequently lure customers into making them their favorite choice.

Additionally, the airlines want customers to book with their official websites rather than through third-party sites. Well, booking discounted flights is only a matter of knowing how and where to find airline coupons and coupon codes. Here are 7 practical ways to find the codes

1  Scour Coupon Sites

Coupon sites are the most accessible places to find airline coupon codes. The sites compile and display updated coupon offers from different airlines. You can access the coupon codes by searching “your favorite airline + coupon codes” on the web whose results will reveal sites harboring coupon codes for your favorite airline. Most of the times you will be able to find coupon codes for first-class flights, such as Korean Airlines coupons for these destinations.

2  Subscribe To Airline Newsletter

Have a favorite airline? If so, it’s time to embark on a journey of obtaining considerable discounts by subscribing to the airline’s newsletters. Airlines regularly reward their loyal customers with coupon codes via email. So, be sure to subscribe to newsletters of your preferred air carriers.

3  Request From Your Carrier

Conventionally, customers contact airlines’ customer care support to get valuable information or assistance. Gather courage and ask for coupons from your airline via email or phone call. You could be the lucky bird as long as you are a regular customer.

4  Join frequent flyer programs(FFP)

Several airlines have frequent-flyer schemes to encourage their online customers to accumulate points that can be redeemed for discounted flights and other rewards. Enroll for your airline’s FFP to receive promotional codes that will help you enjoy discounted flights in the future.

5  Sign Up In Fare Watching Sites

Fare-watching sites round up airlines fares and offers. They send alerts about airline promo codes to the subscribers. So, subscribe to one or two of the few fare-watching sites so that you don’t miss out of deals from your favorite airline(s).

6  Using Coupon Extensions

Coupon extensions are plug-ins that you install in your computer’s web browser and have proved to be elemental couponing tools. The plug-ins offload the burden of couponing from you by scouring the web for available airline promo codes and notifying you. Apply the codes at the checkout when booking your flight.

7  Follow airlines on social media

Businesses are taking social media seriously nowadays as crucial channels for engaging with customers. Airlines too, have not been left out. Additionally, a current trend among the air carriers is running sales with social media alerts, including informing their followers about new promotional codes. Follow your airline on social media to grab such valuable information.


Airlines offer coupons and coupon codes to enhance sales and encourage customers to book flights with their websites. The discount tools are elemental for saving on travel, and it’s high time to educate yourself on finding them. Use the above-outlined ways to grab airline coupon codes and enjoy discounted flights.