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Choosing the Best Cigar

The preferences of cigar smoking wholly depend on the user since it comes in diverse dimensions and lengths. They come in various dimensions like smooth, creamy medium and medium shapes. The cigar can be exhibited in a range of varieties and tastes. Cigar smoking is usually associated with wealthy people, and it is usually like a symbol of wealth. It is a tiresome activity for the starters of cigar smoking to know the right brand.The Following are the tips that can help you choose the right cigar.

The first thing you should know is basic knowledge of cigar and get to know what it impacts to your health.Cigar smoking is harmful to your health since it has nicotine. Prolonged use of nicotine is very risky to human bodies. Larynx, lung and esophageal cancer can result from prolonged smoking of cigar. The smell of cigar is choking unlike that of cigarette, thus it can put off some people from using it.

After you are conversant with the health risks you can go to the next step of knowing the best type.You should be able to know what is best for you between hand-made cigars and those made from industries.Hand-made Cigars are usually better because their preparation is a bit competent. The reason being careful procedures are done in picking, choosing and preparing the cigar. The industrial process is not selective to the best leaves or even sorting, and then the tobacco is exposed to heat then packed. Another factor to consider is how long and how wide the cigar is. Cigar varies with inches and the larger the diameter, the more tasteful it is. It is also important to consider the color, usually referred to as Oscuro and claro. The light brown is claro, and the dark in color are oscuro. Taste and quality can be predicted by the color of the cigar.Darker cigars are usually sweet and are considered more mature than the light brown. Most cigar smokers will go for the dark one therefore since they are also big. For those starting it will be good to consider the light colored since their flavor is also light.

Storage of the cigar is also very crucial.In order to maintain the freshness of your cigar it is necessary to have a cigar humidor.A Cigar humidor is a small box that is designed to maintain constant humidity thus giving the cigar the best storage condition. Cigar looks like sponge thus they can suck up water from the surrounding environment thus becoming stale easily. A cigar humidor will be a necessity if you want to smoke a fresh cigar that will never disappoint you.

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