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How a Cell Phone Jammer Works.

The function of a cell phone jammer is to block mobile signals. The jammers were initially left for use by the defense sector for security purposes. In the recent past, the use of jammers have been extended to religious and workplace. Jammers have also been used curb phone distractions in meeting by disallowing phones calls and messaging. The jammers works in the same principle that is used for blocking of radio waves. The jammers come in different sizes with varying working radius. Large devices are always known to have a bigger working range. Some of the jammers are also capable of blocking both listening and speaking signals.

A jammer operates using electrical power and has a switch button. To determine if it is functioning, the bulb should be on. Small jammers operate using batteries while larger jammers are plugged in into a power socket. Large jammers usually has an external antenna that is useful for sending and receiving signals. A standard cell phone jammer is always made up of a voltage-controlled oscillator, tuning circuit, noise generator, and an RF amplification which are required to perform specific tasks.

The jammer is capable of regulating the frequency at which it broadcasts its signal because of the tuning circuit while the voltage-controlled oscillator is meant for production of enough radio signals to block the mobile signals. Noise generator produces random electric output while in a specified range to block mobile signal while the RF amplification enhances the power of radio frequency to levels that can jam a signal.

The techniques that a cell phone jammer uses are similar to those of a radio jammer. It operates by producing radio frequencies similar to the ones that a mobile phone operates on. The frequencies are meant to cause interference with the existing mobile frequencies. There are two broad categories in which the cell phone jammers can be grouped depending on the working principle. One of the categories is the one containing the small jammers that operate by blocking the radio signals between a cell phone and another cell phone. The second category is meant for the jammers that are larger and more powerful. The jammers operate by blocking the transmission of mobile signal from the satellite to the cell phone tower.

There are several types of cell phone jammers in the market today which vary regarding quality and size. The common types of cell phone jammer are portable, remote control, adjustable, and school cell phone jammers. There are several other uses of cell phone jammers apart from the ones mentioned above.
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