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Some of the Important Oak Barrel Aging Tips

New oak barrels tend to change the taste of wine especially when you are using them for the first time. This is because oak can seep into the wine quickly and thus will change its taste. But as you continue using it with time it will get used to it until you will not feel the taste of oak. For you to maintain the taste and quality of your wine it will be necessary if you have some tips and tricks that can help you in achieving good results.

It is important that you closely monitor the temperature of your oak barrel if you want high quality wine. According to analysis it is advisable that the oak barrel to be kept at a constant temperature. You find that when you store your wine in a cellar the temperatures may fluctuate at some point if you don’t insulate it properly. You will realize that when the temperature increases the rate of extraction will also increase and this is going to lead to a drop in the level of wine which will in turn interfere with its taste. It is advisable that you monitor the temperature closely to prevent such incidences.

To give your wine good taste, you should make sure that you check the level of wine in the oak barren and maintain it. This is because the new barrels tend to absorb more wine than the old ones which can lead to fluctuation of its level. You can maintain then level of wine in the oak barrel by making sure that at the end of every week you top it up and also another top up at the end of every month. Apart from that, you should also know that the size of the barrel and the temperature you keep your wine will also affect its level. You find that the higher the temperature and the larger the surface area the more the level of wine will go down.

Apart from that you should also use a silicone breathable bung. One good thing with silicone bungs is that they are providing a good wine seal besides being cheap. Being that traditional wooded seals are not effective they are not used more often. On the other hand, wooden bungs are only important when a barrel expands in volume due to increase in temperature. In such situations they are going to allow the gas to escape naturally.

Make sure that you do the racking after every three months. This is specifically done to clear the residues that remain at the bottom of the rack after filtering.

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